To launch this decades in the making partnership between Life is Good and Dr. Seuss we turned to an emerging fashion icon and announced The Grinch as the new face of Life is Good.

The launch marked the TikTok debut of both Life is Good and Dr. Seuss Enterprises and was the centerpiece of the Life is Good 2021 Cyber Monday and Holiday campaign. After a well recieved TikTok debut The Grinch took his dance moves on a tour around our digital, paid social, pre-roll and email campaigns and a 5 day residency as our Cyber Monday homepage. Individual GIFs were dropped throughout the holiday season as well as some select posters. Ultimately leading to a unforgettably awfuly wonderful holiday season. 

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The goal of the campaign was to re-introduce ourselves to an audience that has forgotten about Life is Good and to the audience that never knew us at all. The splash we made with our new TikTok audience was exactly what this emerging fashion icon had in mind.

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