#ThatLiveLife: This portrait series explories the stories and connections StubHub empowers with fans and their live event experience.
“I saw a picture of this good looking guy dressed as a golden angel. I wanted to do that and I knew the only time I can do that is at a music festival. I’m from France and go to music festivals because of the people. I don’t really come for the music, I don’t even know who’s playing to be honest.” #ThatLiveLife #HangoutFest

“Ric Flair is one of my favorites, this outfit is my way of paying tribute to him. I love wrestling for it’s athletics and entertainment. I go to wrestling events almost twice a month.” #ThatLiveLife #WWE

“I drove here all the way from LA for the game. My Dad’s from Cleveland and was supposed to go, but he had a business trip and asked if I wanted the ticket, and I was like, oh -- I’m DEFINITELY going.” #ThatLiveLife #NBA

“We’re here from San Diego. Well he’s actually from Boise, but we flew in just for the game. My family is from New York but I was a front-runner fan because they were good in the ‘90s. My entire family is either from New York or New Jersey, and my grandmother is a huge Yankees fan.”#ThatLiveLife #ML

CHOCOLATE! We love chocolate, we love chocolate and Wonka is my favorite movie. Plus we have friends in the show.” #ThatLiveLife #Theater

“It’s one of the only festivals that is more mellow where I can take my daughter and we can just hang out all day and listen to music together. I mainly introduce her to bands and hope she likes them. Her favorite is Macklemore. Today’s a big day for us; we’ve picked out a good lineup.” #ThatLiveLife #Bottlerock

“This is custom made by my wife. Except for the coin on the bolo tie, I made that myself. I’ve been a Dodgers fan my whole life, so 43 years. In ‘88 I was in my living room with my brother, who is here tonight, it’s pretty emotional to be here together.” #ThatLiveLife #WorldSeries

“I just love the atmosphere and like being able to be myself. I come from a small-town Gulf Breeze, not everyone is very accepting, I have to kind of tone down what I wear but here I can just branch out and dress how I want, do what I want, and do my makeup how I want. It’s fun and everyone’s so nice here, I love it.” #ThatLiveLife #HangoutFest

“We drove down from San Jose this morning. My son is a huge Jose Altuve fan so we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to see him play live in the World Series.” #ThatLiveLife #WorldSeries

“We all work together in Atlanta and you don’t always find super cool people to hangout with outside of work. But we all found similarities in each other and all balance each other really well. Hangout Festival is everything good mixed together, the beach, music, food, drinks and friends.” #ThatLiveLife #HangoutFest